The Road Not Taken
Thought for the Day “Don’t close your eyes lest they close your mind”– Big Sue the Cowgirl scamming the slots out the back of Ray’s Thunderdome, Knotweed. The title of this post comes from a Robert Frost poem resonant with the knowledge that choices often, if not always, define our
Tonight, I’m Coming Home
I have no idea what to write or think of but I’m struck by the insouciance I still have for the creative process. For a bit of light reading I thought I’d dust of Tim Ferriss’s Tools of Titans and have a skim through to make myself feel better (or
Hats Halfway to Heaven
Tell me you’re old without telling me you’re old. Quote for the day “If you stare at a pig for long enough, you’ll know the sedatives are wearing off.” A toothless beanpole attempting star jumps in the alleyway on the way to Wilkos and New Look. Anecdote
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Test Post for Writing Section
This post is a test for the writing section