Tonight, I'm Coming Home

I have no idea what to write or think of but I'm struck by the insouciance I still have for the creative process.

For a bit of light reading I thought I'd dust of Tim Ferriss's Tools of Titans and have a skim through to make myself feel better (or worse) by reading about techniques that have helped successful individuals come out on top in their respective fields.

One particular section that interested me was Ferriss's interview with James Altucher, hedge fund manager and best-selling author, where he talked about stretching the 'idea muscle' by writing down 10 ideas each day. For a bit of a purist like myself, you may hear procrastinator ah tom8to tomato, it jars with my sense of coming up with ideas.

But I think his logic for coming up with ideas seems sound. After all, what he's getting at is not iteration, but more of a warm up or trek to the mountainside to prepare oneself for the muses as Pressfield would put it. I'm unsure how much more I have to say on this topic because it needs unpacking further: nuturing doubt or fostering creativity seem so nested within the same paradigm I'm unsure how much this would work for the more creatively minded. I'm going to set myself a waypoint for this Altucherian mode of being.

That's all I have for today. Again, pretty shit, but a momentum builder nonetheless.

Hold your peace in practice and the war within will ease itself in time.